Many Roles in Times of Trouble

Crisis Strikes Worksheet
Crisis Strikes Worksheet

Bible teachers communicate God’s Word but when students experience times of trouble, teachers can find themselves fulfilling many different roles. Consequently, it would be well for teachers to be trained in at least the basics regarding these roles. If you click on the following links, they will take you to some training that could be helpful for teachers to better reach out to students in these ways.


Ministering to Students with Hurting Hearts Worksheet
Ministering to Students with Hurting Hearts Worksheet

Don’t wait for a situation to occur. Teachers should be ready to provide the comfort, counsel, intervention, or listening ear needed in the moment.

Perhaps teachers need to not only know how to minister in these ways but might also need to learn more about specific types of trouble their students might face or be affected by in today’s world. If you click on the following kinds of crisis, it will take you to a resource page with help on that issue.

natural disasters or tragedies
school violence

The Bible teacher’s primary role might be to teach the Word so students “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord” (2 Pet. 3:18) but sometimes life circumstances can distract students from learning and even block their spiritual growth. Teachers who desire to be most effective will realize that sometimes they must reach out with a caring heart in a variety of ways in times of trouble.

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