Are Crafts More Than Time Fillers?

Arts & Crafts Need to be More than Time FillersWith only about one hour of students’ lives to make an eternal difference, you better help your teachers understand that crafts need to be more than time fillers.

Yes, children like to do crafts so they can be a good Bible teaching method to use but they must be seen as . . .

a means to a greater end, not simply an activity.

Teachers need to understand that the process is more important than the completed product.  They need to use guided conversation to direct students to God and what they learned about Him as they work on the craft.  Every moment needs to count in the classroom.

A one page handout, Crafts as a Bible Learning Activity, available through the store, explains this to teachers along with giving tips on how to choose crafts for their lesson and how to extend the use of crafts beyond the classroom.  (You can order this individual training document or get it as part of the Bible Learning Activities For Children Training Download which contains a page for 8 different learning activities.)

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