Are Crafts More than Busywork?

Arts & Crafts as Bible Learning ActivitiesIn a previous post I asked the question, “Are Crafts More than Time Fillers?”  Class time is short so what teachers include in the lesson needs to count.  If a craft effectively reinforces the truth then perhaps you should use it.  If not, stop and consider it’s value.

One of the determining factors is whether the craft is mere busywork or if it will actually help students learn.

Help your Bible teachers by guiding them to think through this question:

What makes something busywork?

  1. Mindless Activity – Students don’t have to think about what they are doing.

    When lulled into passivity, students don’t learn much.

    Goal:  Get students thinking.

  2. Mechanical Activity – Students don’t have freedom to take initiative, make choices, or be creative.

    When the process and/or end result is predetermined, students don’t learn as much as they could.

    Goal:  Let students express themselves.

  3. Meaningless Activity – The project does little to enhance or reinforce learning.

    When the purpose for an activity isn’t clear, students’ learning tends to be hit or miss.

    Goal:  Take students to high levels through purposeful classroom activities.

Crafts as a Bible Learning Activity Download

In the Crafts as a Bible Learning Activity Download, teachers will acquire tips on how to choose and using crafts for their lesson.

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