Adverse Reactions to Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization

Do your Bible teachers want to skip Scripture Memorization?  Are they getting negative feedback from students?  Do they feel bribery, through the use of rewards, is the only way to get students to memorize verses?  Do they question its value? Doesn’t it seem to be making a difference in students’ lives?

Scripture memorization doesn’t have to be boring.

 … Train teachers to use creative means of helping students memorize Scripture.

Students don’t have to be bribed to memorize Scripture.

… Train teachers to communicate the intrinsic value of memorizing God’s Word.

Hiding God’s Word in their hearts can make a difference. (Ps. 119:11)

… Train teachers to get beyond rote memorization to understanding the meaning and application of the Bible verses to life.

Teacher Training Worksheet:  Effective Scripture Memorization Requires Getting Beyond

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