Methods for Teens

Bible Teaching Methods for TeensStudents of all ages need to be actively engaged in the learning process. When we speak of active methodology, we aren’t merely referring to physical activity but also mental. The younger the students, more physically active types of methods should be used. The older the students, more mentally active types of methods should be used. Where does that leave teenagers?

Teens have gotten to where the activity should be more mental with some physical. As students move into their teenage years, they still need some physically active methodology but not near so much of it as they did when younger.

Methodology Good to Use with Teens:

Physically active methods are still important, but need to be appropriate for teenagers. You may find teens complaining when you ask them to get up and move, but once they start, they’re usually good with it. Do not let their initial reactions keep you from incorporating these types of methods. They still need to be physically active in the learning process.

Since they are capable of going to higher levels of thinking, teens are at a point where they can learn with mentally active methodology.

Also think about using more group-oriented activities at this age level as peer becomes increasingly more important.

While you can incorporate some lecture into the lesson, you most certainly should keep it short and break it up with other activities.

You will find this article with a list of some of the methods that fit the above criteria for teens as a handout included in the Reaching All Age Levels Resource which includes other articles for all the age groups and PowerPoint slides to use as a group teacher training session.

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