More Questions about Using Puppets in the Classroom

In a previous post I encouraged you to help your Bible teachers think through the why, how, when, and what of using puppets. Teachers need to effectively use them or puppets could become a distraction, crutch, or overused. If you have teachers who frequently use puppets, perhaps you might want to challenge them to think through these questions.

Are puppets being more of a distraction?

Importance of this question: Puppets should be used to complement or enhance the lesson. If they are not fulfilling this purpose, they might actually be detracting from the learning experience.

Are puppets being used as a crutch?

Importance of this question: Puppets are merely one of many visual aids or teaching tools. If they are being used exclusively, it could be more about what works for the teacher than the actual learning experience. Puppets are not the teacher. If teachers find themselves primarily communicating to students through the use of puppets instead of personally interacting with students, they could be a crutch.

Are the puppets being overused?

Importance of this questions: Any teaching method, including ones enjoyed by students, can become less effective as a teaching tool if used excessively.

Using Puppets in the ClassroomCheck out this three page document on Using Puppets in the Classroom as a starting point for helping teachers think through how to effectively use puppets.

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