FAQ About Using Games

FAQ about Using Games as a Bible Learning Activity

You may see games listed as a Bible teaching method but have questions about the validity of using them.

Here are two questions you might ask.

Questions About the Validity of Using Games as a Bible Teaching Method

Isn’t the use of games in Bible classes just a time filler?

Yes, games can merely fill time and produce little eternal results. However, when used in Bible classes we should have a higher purpose. We should be making the best use of our time. We should carefully choose games that reinforce or set the stage for what is being learned. If we can’t explain the connection between the game and the lesson, we should question if it is the best use of the short time we have with our students. If done well, often students will have fun learning without even realizing it.

Does competition really have a place in Bible classes?

This question assumes all games have a competitive nature but they don’t. Games don’t always have to be structured with an emphasis on winners and losers. And, the ones that do entail competition, can usually be adjusted to tone it down. One way to do that is to eliminate prizes or figure out a way to reward everyone. You can also work it out so there isn’t just one winner. Perhaps you could have a team of winners. You can keep the focus on teamwork above individual prowess. If there is a level of competition, be prepared for what it may bring out in students and use it as a learning tool — how to treat one another, how to deal with conflict in a Christ-like manner, etc. Remember, it is the teacher’s responsibility not to let competitiveness get out of hand. Set some ground rules before beginning and stick to them. For more, read: Games Are Good As Long As . . .


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