Bible Teachers’ Role as Communicators

When we talk about Bible teachers as communicators, we must first define what that means. While it certainly does involve the transmission of information, at its best, communication requires a mutual exchange and engagement in the process. Consequently, the best communicators of God’s Word will find themselves teaching in ways that fit this definition.

The Best Practices of Bible Teachers in their Role as Communicators of God’s Word

Bible Teachers’ Role as Communicators

  1. The best communicators have a broad objective.
  1. They use engaging methodology.
  1. They know how to illustrate.
  1. They understand their audience.
  1. They know when to be silent.
  1. Their communication is Christ-like.

A series of upcoming posts will further examine each of these practices needed to best communicate God’s Word. We will see how our role as communicators of God’s Word goes beyond one-way communication that merely imparts knowledge.

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