Different Places, Different Needs

One Size Fits All Not Best Way to Do Ministry
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While some large group training can be beneficial for all, not all teachers are at the same place in their skill level or teaching experience. Not all teachers have the same learning styles or interests. Consequently, a one size fits all approach often is not the answer for training teachers.

Examples of Different Teacher Training Needs

New Teachers Vs. Veteran Teachers

New teachers need to see more of the big picture involved in the teaching-learning process. Resource: Teaching Ministry Manual

Veteran teachers, those who have taught for some time, need to go more in-depth and deal with more specific issues. They may need added encouragement found in this resource: Rediscovering the Joy of Teaching

Teachers of Children Vs. Teens Vs. Adults

Each should know the age level characteristics of the age they teach. Resource: Age Level Characteristics

Using Pre-Fab Curriculum Vs. Developing a Lesson

In some settings teachers may need to develop their own Bible lesson and therefore could benefit from help on structuring lessons. Resource: A Lesson Worth Teaching

Others using a pre-fab lesson may only need to learn how to effectively tweak a lesson. Resource: When You Need to Adjust the Curriculum Worksheet

Examples of Similar Teacher Training Needs But Specific Focus Needed

Classroom Discipline

Some teachers need to start with the basics, getting some broad tips to apply to managing the classroom. Resource: Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline

Some might need more groundwork laid, giving them a biblical perspective on discipline. Resource: Effectively Handling Classroom Discipline Workbook

Others may simply need help with specific problems. Resource: Discipline Issues

Creative Bible Teaching

Some teachers may need encouragement that they too can be creative. Resource: Creative Bible Teaching Workbook

Other teachers may need to expand their skills to use a greater variety of methods. Resource: Sharpening Your Bible Teaching Methods

While many needs for training are different among your teaching staff, some needs are the same — the topic of the next post. Consequently, there will be times to bring all teachers together for the same training. Even then, however, remember that within your group will be members with varying learning styles.

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