Christian Teacher Training Resources

Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers might need training for:

Teaching Skills

Group dynamics, creative methodology, classroom management, and so much more can make a difference in the teaching-learning process. Teaching skills need to be developed to effectively deal with the various elements of teaching. See: Bible Teaching Skills Needed

Bible Teaching Skills

Age Level Characteristics Affect Teaching

Age Level Characteristics

Children, youth, and adults each have unique needs and developmental abilities. Content and methodology must be geared to students' age level characteristics. See: It's a Disservice Not to Train Teachers About the Age They Teach

Unresolved Issues

Unresolved issues can cloud a teachers judgment and hinder effectiveness. Issues like discouragement, insecurities, fears, and lack of time or Bible knowledge can keep them from seeing and experiencing all God wants to do through them. Help teachers get through the smoke screens and address the root problem. See: The Ultimate Source of Help for Teachers

Issues that Prevent Optimal Effectiveness

Bible Topics of Study

Teaching Topics

A comprehensive teaching plan will look at a variety of teaching topics from a biblical perspective. Discipling students in different aspects of their walk with God can be challenging as students can be at different places in their spiritual growth. See: Training on What They Teach, Not Just How


In the left navigation, under Training Resources, you will find pages with resources on different teacher training topics that can help Bible teachers in the above areas which include . . .

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Please keep coming back as training resources will regularly be added.

Also, if you are a Christian Education Director, Sunday School Superintendent, or other ministry leaders responsible for training Bible teachers:
Be sure to visit the Christian Teacher Training Bible Teachers Blog.
There you will find help on various means on training, equipping ideas on the various training topics, and ways to encourage your Bible teachers through the training process.

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