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Bible teachers will encounter a variety of discipline issues in the classroom for which they might need help determining the best means of addressing the problem. To truly help the student and not merely stop the misbehavior, it's important to get to the root cause rather than simply deal with symptoms.
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Below you will find resources for specific discipline issues. If you need help with the bigger picture of classroom discipline, go to: Classroom Discipline Teacher Training Resources

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 Specific Classroom Discipline Issues

Discipline Issues
Discipline Issues: What to Do About Specific Challenges Download
by Ministry Tools Resource Center
one page sheets for each of 56 different issues, looking at the challenge these discipline issues bring, possible causes, and ways to correct and better yet circumvent (prevent) problems

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Teacher Training Resources for a Comprehensive View of Classroom Discipline:

Classroom Discipline Bundle
Classroom Discipline Bundle

(includes the Discipline Issues Resource Listed Above)
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