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Don't expect toddlers to sit still for long. Bible teachers of the toddler age division need to learn how to teach and relate with these young children, ages 2-3 years, in ways that accomodate their age level developmental characteristics.
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 Toddlers: Ages 2-3  

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Jesus knew that young children also needed His touch. He knew that they too needed to be directed toward God. He obviously knew that infants and toddlers do learn. This 55 page teacher training workbook will help you see your role with infants and toddlers as more of a foundation builder than a babysitter.

Let the Little Children Come Workbook


One of the three early childhood age levels included in this resource relates to toddlers (ages 2-3). For this age level you will find an introductory article about that age level, a one page overview of their age level characteristics, and a worksheet with the characteristics to use to assess one's teaching in light of their implications and determine steps to take to improve. The following article title represents this age level:
  • "Let the little children come to me." --Didn't Jesus know that toddlers are the "terrible two's" and "horrible three's?"
    (This module is from the Age Level Characteristics Download which includes 11 age brackets from infants to older adults.)
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